1. Robert Gray
  2. General Chat
  3. Sunday, 01 October 2017
I'm looking for 1 copy of each of the following to finally finish the cube I've been building:
Ainok bond kin
Seeker of the way
Abzan falconer
Archetype of courage

Hedron crab
Geralf's mindcrusher
Fact or fiction

Sibsig icebreakers
Skin render
Whip of Erebos

Monastery swiftspear
Plated geopede
Chandra nalaar
Sulphur vortex
Shrine of burning rage

Wall of roots
Wild mongrel
Renegade krasis

Sky hussar
Rakdos, Lord of riots
Tithe drinker
Lore scale coatl
True fire paladin

Signal pest
Luxoden warhammer

Faerie conclave, spawning pool, treetop village (all urza's legacy)

Most of these are either khans of Tarkir or return to ravnica, and some from commander sets in particular

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