The Keyforge Tournament yesterday was the first card-game event Laura and I went to before and we did feel a bit anxious about it because we weren't really sure how it'd be or whether we'd enjoy it, plus we're not that confident in social situations ...
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Hi I'm new to tabletop RPGs and would love to start with D&D, I haven't actually played before so I was wondering if there were any sessions I could maybe join today?...
Yesterday we discovered Pandemic in Colne and really liked playing it, so I googled it and there seems to be loooads of expansions and spin offs. We wanted to try out all the other Pandemics and I remember seeing a Cthulhu version in Burnley. Just...
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If you're interested in joining a Starfinder campaign in Burnley, let Carl know here...
Code of Conduct Keep things fun! If your behaviour is stopping others having fun, it’s not allowed. Honesty, respect, sportsmanship, fairness are expected. Family Friendly Remember we have a range of ages visiting, even if you can’t see t...

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