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The Month of May 2019 at TGS Colne

​Let's get a head start on whats happening in TGS Colne this month. We're gonna be seeing the return of some of your favourite events plus some new ones dedicated to Magic season. So lets get started!!

Magic: the Gathering War of the Spark Season

 ​War of the spark Draft Weekend - Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th

​Grab three packs of the latest and greatest set and lets Draft! What better way is there to celebrate the arrival of a new set than with this fun and interactive format? 

To draft, you will be provided 3 boosters and your goal is to create a 40 card deck. But here is the twist. You and other players will sit around a table, open one booster each, take a single card out and pass the pack to the next player. You will repeat this for until all of the cards are gone and everyone will then build their decks and battle it out to see who constructed the best deck... or the silliest deck.

Check the events page for more details, or to sign up http://www.tabletopgameshop.co.uk/index.php/blog/colne-events

Entry fee: £15 or £10 for star players

Start Time: 1:30 both days

War of the Spark Standard Showdown - Starts Sunday 12th May and ends Sunday 9th June

​Standard Showdown returns with the newest set, and we Planeswalkers aim to prove ourselves.

Grab your 60 card deck and battle your way to supremacy against every planeswalker the shop has to offer. Engage with our friendly player base, share deck ideas and so much more as we gather together... magically. Games are best of 3 and the top 2 players will receive a Showdown booster pack that has a significantly higher rare/mythic drop rate than any other booster.

Entry fee: £3.50 or £3.15 for star players

Start Time: 12:00 every Sunday from May 12th 

War of the Spark Planes Walker Weekend - Sunday 26th

​Its time to see who has the skill to succeed and walk away with the coveted Champion play-mat!

In this event players will take part in a draft event and build their 40 card decks. Then we will battle it out to see who comes out on top and (Planes) walks home with the  ever so desired champion play-mat. For all people involved we have special promo cards that are only available for  this event including alternate art Karns bastion and full art Time wipe, both of which are featured in the War of the Spark set.

Entry fee: £15 or £10 for Star Players

Start Time 12:00

Friday Night Magic - Every Friday

Gather you magic cards together for Friday Night Magic, starting from 6:30pm and finishing at 10pm. Either bring a standard deck or a commander deck and lets get playing some magic. Not sure how to play or are planning to get back into it? Then stop by for a quick demo and introduction to what Friday night magic is all about.

Entry Fee £3.50 or free for star players

Warhammer 40k - Vigilus Defiant Phase 2

The fires of war rage on as our Vigilus Campaign continues through the month. 

Join the embattled Imperium of man as they desperately try to cling on to their world, or join the various nefarious Xeno races aiming to claim the planet for their heretical gods, beliefs or simply so they can use it as a massive fighting pit. Despite all this however, in the darker regions of the planet stirs an old nemesis to the Imperium, who are using this convenient distraction to build their forces and lay claim to the world in the name of their traitorous Warmaster. Their aim is simple. Bring low the Imperium of man!

Feel free to organise a game for any day we are open, but the best day's are to play are Thursday Nights and Sunday's, as they are our organised Warhammer gaming days.

Table hire: £5 or free for Star Players

Thursday Warhammer Fight Night start from 6:00pm

Sunday Warhammer Gaming Starts from 11:00am

​And so much more Gaming 

Every  Wednesday - D&D  and open play

Dungeons & Dragons sees our players delving into the Maze of the Mad Mage from 7pm until 10pm. Newcomers are more than welcome to explore this maddening realm of twists, turns, monsters and loot... the precious loot.

Entry fee £3.50 or £3.15 for Star Players

Saturday's - Open Play Day

Open play days is one of those days where everything and anything is played. Join in with card, board or even miniature games that start from open and end at close time. Using the space for card games or boardgames you bring yourself is completely free, Using our own MASSIVE collection of games or playing Warhammer is £5, but no matter what you play or want to play then today is the perfect day to scratch that itch. Looking to meet new people and get a feel for the community? Then today will be perfect to make new friends and learn new games.

 ​Sunday - Wrath and Glory 

​Join us as we play the Warhammer 40k RPG and battle the enemies of mankind as an elite squad of loyalist members of the imperium. Hoardes of Orkz have captured a delegate of the imperium and, as the only warriors availabe at the time, its your job to save him. Delve into the hollowed out asteroid that the Orkz call home, and thwart their sinister plans.

Entry fee: £3.50

Start: 2:00pm

Get involved with Dungeons & Dragons
Ignite Your Spark! Planeswalker Journey League


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