How to make friends and get games at TGS!


This post is to help you get the best out of the TGS community part of the site. One of our plans, is to make it easier for players to find each other and hook up in the stores. It's always been a real head scratcher! This will help... 

People Search

Click on the settings cog

This information is based on using the site on a PC rather than a mobile or a tablet. In fact most of the steps are the same, just how you get to them can be a little different. Mobile and Tablet users will need this info, but there's some extra for you at the bottom of the page.

First off, you need to open the 'cog' on your menu bar. You can find it in the menu that appears on the social part (it's the dark one) above your stream.

When you click it, it will open a whole bunch of options. We want the Advanced Search, so go ahead and click it! 

Choose the games and store

Now the site will allow you to choose filters. Remember when you added the games you play and the stores you usually play at when you made your profile? (What do you mean "No", *tut*, go here and sort it out then come back... sorted? Ok...)

Ok, so you can now filter by games and stores. Cool!

Select a field. For example, "Role Playing Games", then choose from the drop-down on the right, where it used to say "enter some value". I picked Dungeons and Dragons.


Now you can extra fields. Select "New Criteria". I narrowed it down to the store I want to get in touch with D&D players.

Once you've done that, click that "search" button! 

Get in touch, and play games!

And here are the results!

Now I can get in touch, send a friend request, message and hopefully hook up for some games!

It's really easy to find players this way, and the more players from the community sign up, the more games you're going to be able to arrange! 

Mobile and Tablets

It's exactly the same idea on your mobile, it's just that the menus are tucked away.

You need to select the search icon, then people, and advanced search.

Now the process is just the same as on the PC. 

​I hope this has been helpful! Any questions let me know :) 

This week at TGS Burnley (15th Nov - 19th Nov)
Iconic Masters draft weekend!


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